Have you ever wondered how some gardens and landscapes enchant you, beckoning you to enter, explore and escape from the everyday grind? Well, while part of the secret is in plant placement & selection, what often times makes a garden particularly magical is in the details…

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-10-39-31-amEnvision in your mind your definition of an enchanted garden. Surely everyone will have a different vision in mind, however one thing is most likely true

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. That garden probably is not a square lawn, edged with a straight rows of plants all the way around. It most likely is something more natural, structural, and have the ability to make you want to explore and discover the details.

One thing that is needed in a landscape to create interest is focal points. Often times we walk out our back door and there is nothing drawing us into the yard further than our back decks. However a pathway leading away from that deck to a secret sitting area or even a piece of garden art adds interest and even whimsy to an otherwise sterile landscape.

Another benefit of garden art is year round interest. As we head quickly into winter with nothing but crispy, frozen stalks where our lush perennials used to be, it is important to have something that can still bring a smile to our faces as we peer out into our frigid landscapes. So go ahead, give it a try… just a little piece of garden art can go a long way!

Laura Robinson is an award-winning, Stapleton based, Landscape Designer and owner of Sundial Designs. She can be contacted at 303-868-8156 or www.sundialdesigns.com.